Avete bisogno di orientarvi tra i numerosi termini tecnici del nostro settore? Ecco una guida in inglese per poter travare una risposta a tutti i vostri dubbi.

  • Sizes

    Series of finished trimmed sizes in the ISO international paper size range.


    A paper which does not contain any free acid. Special precautions are taken during manufacture to eliminate acid in order to increase the longevity of the finished paper and to provide a sheet that is suitable for contact with metals.


    A paper which does not contain any free acid. Special precautions are taken during manufacture to eliminate acid in order to increase the longevity of the finished paper and to provide a sheet that is suitable for contact with metals.

  • Abrasion  Resistance

    Ability of a surface to resist rubbing or other frictional forces without being worn away.

  • Air  Dried Paper

    Paper dried by a current of warm air after tub-sizing.

  • Antique  Grade Paper

    A quality bulky paper, particularly opaque, with a rougher surface finish. It can be made in white or in colours, be deckle edged, and either laid or wove. A good printing surface is a feature of this grade which is often used for quality books.

  • Art paper

    This is a general term for higher quality woodfree coated papers with highly polished surface. Today the term is less used because of the introduction of more categories in the sector. However ‘real art’ is still used